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Similing Team

How to order 

Our Team


Free quote/mockup

Work with one of our Sales Agents to create the Sports Uniforms look and quote specific to your teams needs.  Browse our collections or send us a message with your ideas and budget and let our team bring it to life. 


Roster/Order form

We know that sizing your players can be a lot of work. In general, our sizing is true to size.


We also have ALL of our sizing charts on our website to view:  See Sizing Chart Link in Footer


If you want to order sizing kits, you can do so right on our site. Sizing kits are 100% fully refundable once they are sent back to us without any missing pieces. It is basically just a deposit. 


Order confirmation

- Submit Order Form to your Account Manager

-Confirm Designs and Order thru Confirmation Email

-Shipping Address confirmed and

Delivery Date

-Pay Invoice in full or 50% deposit to start order

-We accept Credit, Debit, Wire Transfer and Checks

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