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Women in Sports: First Female Full-Time coach in MLB

By: Ale Fregoso

January 2020 the San Francisco Giants promoted Alyssa Nakken; joining the coaching staff of an MLB team made her the first female to do so. Nakken was an all-star softball player at Sacramento State and has been a part of the Giants organization for about 5 years. She originally got her foot in the door with an internship and worked her way up. Taking on roles that kept her involved with the team and being proactive until she was recognized as an asset by San Francisco Giants’ manager Gabe Kappler. Nakken made history in July, being the first woman to be on the field as a 1st base coach!

She is an inspiration to our team at Premier Sports and we hope her platform reaches all our female athletes in the Premier family. With hard work and dedication, you are capable of reaching your goals on and off the field. Keep doing what you love and strive to be the best at it.

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