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Overcoming a missed season

By: Michael B

With the impact of Covid-19 hitting hard across the country, sports teams have had to face harsh realities of missing a full season on sports. As hard as it is to grasp that concept, we all must understand that it will be okay.

As a child playing youth sports, the objective is essentially developmental. Learning the game, developing skills, finding where you fit in. Do I love baseball? Am I more of a football player? As a parent, you guide your child through that process while being supportive and an observer. Sometimes you can see what your child cant. In the current case, it is also a parent's responsibility to ensure that their child will be okay. They aren’t in the same boat as a high school senior who needed one last shot to get some game film. They are missing out on some things, but most can be replicated at home, with you, the parent. The most important element you want to keep alive is the exercise portion. As we all know, the majority of kids playing sports will not end up doing much beyond high school. The values of youth sports participation stretch way beyond that idea though. Exercise, character building, teamwork, friendships are just a few of the things that any child can pick up from youth sports participation. These things can still be implemented and taught in the home during the Covid-19 break in sports. Take your child outside to run around, play catch, focus on the skillset areas that they may need development on. Call the coach for tips. Have conversations about being a good teammate. Watch YouTube highlights of some classic players. But most importantly, talk them through this time and ensure that they will get back in the game and that there are times where sports take a back seat to more important things. Sports will return.

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