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Best Customization Options for your Baseball team

By: Derek M

In this post, we will take a look at your level of competition and the best uniform customization option for your team. There are numerous options available to outfit your team, they vary in customization options, cost, and durability. This post will look at the three most common options, explain the benefits of each, and what competition level typically uses them.

The first option and the most popular at this time for nearly all competition is sublimation. Sublimation is a full-dye process with all customization dyed directly into the jersey.

This option is great for all competition levels. It is durable and lightweight which are necessities for today's game. This process allows for unique designs with multiple colors and patterns available. There is no additional application of lettering or numbering which means parents and coaches do not need to worry about numbers or letters peeling off during games or when washed. Sublimation has become more and more popular over the last several years and is a great option for mid-range budgets that provide customization and a great look. Most commonly sublimation uses lightweight fabrics and can be used for a couple of years with correct care. The options with sublimation are nearly limitless and prices are typically set regardless of the amount of customization and colors used.

The second option is screen print and heat press. This is a great option for younger teams (little league) or even adult teams ( coed softball, slow-pitch softball). This is the least expensive option and typically consists of a stock garment and applying team names and numbers. Generally, these are the least customizable in terms of design but can still have the necessities applied (team name, numbers, player name). This is the best option for inexpensive jerseys being used for one year before being replaced.

Screenprint can be used with limited fonts for lettering and numbering and most logos. Heat press has more options for fonts but typically limited to one or two colors per application. Numbering and lettering can have issues with cracking or peeling particularly when exposed to heat (throwing these items in a dryer is not a good idea). A great option for teams looking to get a handful of games out of the jerseys before purchasing more.

The third option is tackle twill. Twill is the traditional option for baseball. This consists of lettering and numbers being sewn onto the garment. This is recommended for teams using the same jerseys for multiple seasons, think high school, or college programs. Twill is the top-shelf option. It typically is more expensive than the other options discussed but they look incredible and are extremely durable. Twill can be used on multiple fabrics for the jersey itself from very durable polyester to lightweight micro mock mesh. Twill allows for top of line quality and traditional looks like you see in the MLB. If you are interested in durability and traditional look twill is your best option.

As always there is some nuance to these options and you can even mix and match the different customization options. At Premier Sports we are working with you to provide the best option for your team.

Feel free to contact one of our sales consultants with any additional questions you may have. We are here to help provide you with an informative and easy ordering experience to outfit your team with the best option for you.

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